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Do you want to study a Bachelor's degree that prepares you for a professional career? Are you looking for skill development and real-world application? The Discov’s online matchmaking solution helps you find and apply to your ideal University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands based on your preferences

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Select your preferences, including your desired program, interests, hobbies, lifestyle, and available budget.

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Receive a personalised report of the top Bachelor's degrees that match you. We'll also tell you what life is like at the universities of your choice.

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We'll check if you're admissible and help you to start applying!

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'' The Discov made the process easy and really took into the account the "extras" that are essential to making sure I would feel comfortable in a new university environment. Personally, I knew lecture quality, diversity, and budgeting mattered to me. The Discov broke it down simply and gave me information that I wouldn't have been able to find online."


—  Eleni, S.